This course requires Flash Player version 6 or higher

If you encounter an error when trying to view a lecture, and this error reads:

This course requires Flash Player version 6 or higher.
You may install the player plugin for free from Macromedia.
Click here to download or upgrade your browser's Flash Player.

Note: Once the plugin has finished installing, please close
down this browser window and restart the course.

You have a few options to correct this issue: Read more »

I watched all the slides in a lecture, but I cannot continue to the next item in the course. Why?

This can happen if either there is a momentary drop in your internet connection (sometimes unnoticed), or if you use the browser's back button while in a lecture.  The fix is rather easy.  There is likely a required slide that isn't completed, so you will simply need to identify the slide and view it to have it marked as complete.  Here's how:

Read more »

My lecture was just working and now it stopped. What do I do?

The error that you experienced may be due to a pause or delay in your Internet connection. In normal circumstances, you should not experience this. If this problem occurs frequently, then you should verify the stability of your Internet connection by using our Speed Test. Your download speed should be 1000 kbps or higher (as mentioned in our System Requirements) on a constant basis. Read more »

Is there a way to print out or download the slides from each lecture in my course?

You cannot print or download the lecture slides from your course due to copyright restrictions. As an alternative, we suggest making use of the Notepad tool.


You can access the tool by clicking on the Notes icon in the upper left corner of the page that displays the lectures. Clicking on the icon will open a pop-up window where you can type your notes.


After taking notes on each slide, you can then print them out. Here are instructions: Read more »

I constantly hear a clicking sound while viewing a lecture, exam, or evaluation. How do I turn it off?

This occurs when using Internet Explorer. Either use another web browser or in Windows go to: Control Panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices -> Sounds tab -> select "Start Navigation" under the "Windows Explorer" section -> Click the pulldown menu and select (none).

I am viewing a lecture and there is audio but no images, sometimes videos do not show up, and elements seem out of place.

Make sure that you have Adobe Flash 8 Player or higher. It is free, fast, and safe to download. If you are in an office with a secure network, contact your IT Department and confirm that they have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your machine.
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