I cannot login. Why?

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Computer systems often require cryptic text strings for login credentials for your protection, privacy, and security. These can be difficult to remember and sometime to read. Following a few simple tips can help alleviate common issues with login problems.


Emerald Education Systems has several websites. Be sure to use the correct one when trying to access an account on one of these systems. You may want to verify the URL sent to you in an email, if you still have that email. To reset your password, you can click on the "Lost Password", "Forgot Password", or "Request new password" link on any of these sites and enter the email address that you used when you registered for an account. We do not store unencrypted passwords for security purposes.


Copying usernames and passwords directly from the email can avoid typos. Just make sure that you do not copy any leading or trailing spaces. For example, "password " (note the space after the word) is not the same as "password". Furthermore, passwords are case-sensitive, and can contain a combination of letters and numbers. For example "007JamesBond" is not the same as "OO7jamesbond". Note that the second text string has two letter "oh"s at the beginning, and there are no other upper-case letters that follow.


If after trying all of these suggestions you still have a problem or question, please contact us.

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