Is there a way to print out or download the slides from each lecture in my course?

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You cannot print or download the lecture slides from your course due to copyright restrictions. As an alternative, we suggest making use of the Notepad tool.


You can access the tool by clicking on the Notes icon in the upper left corner of the page that displays the lectures. Clicking on the icon will open a pop-up window where you can type your notes.


After taking notes on each slide, you can then print them out. Here are instructions:

  • Log into the LMS
  • Click on the name of your course
  • Click Classroom at the left of the course homepage
  • Select the lecture from the lecture list whose notes you want to print
  • Click on the icon under the View Notes heading
  • Click Printer-Friendly View on the page that displays the notes
  • Select File > Print from your browser's menu

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