I am having trouble logging into my course. What should I do?

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There are several considerations when trying to access the Learning Management System (LMS).  Please read through all of the suggestions below:

  • Confirm that you are using the correct user name/password to login. Please note that the user name and password are case sensitive.
  • Since the majority of our communication is done via email, we recommend that you add our email address(es) to your contacts/address book, in order to properly receive emails from Emerald Education Systems.
  • You cannot log into your course with the same user name and password combination that was used to access the Emerald Events Automated Registration System (EEARS). Make sure that you are using the appropriate login information.
  • If you are trying to access a PPLVR course, make sure you are logging into the correct website: http://lms.pplvr.com/
  • If you are logging into an EES course, make sure you are logging into the correct website: http://eeslms.com/
  • You can re-set your password if these suggestions do not work. When you re-set your password, the Learning Management System (LMS) will send you an email with a new password.

To reset your password:

  1. Visit the login page.
  2. Click the Lost Password link under the login area.
  3. Enter the email address that you provided when you enrolled in your course into the Lost Password page.
  4. Submit the form and check your email account for a message with a new password.


If after trying all of these suggestions you still have a problem or question, please contact us.

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