When can I expect to receive my certificate of completion?

Print this contentEmail this contentDownload a PDF of this contentOne of the benefits of completing our PPLVR courses online is to have immediate access to your certificate of completion. Upon successful completion of the final exam, you can print out your certificate immediately from your computer.    Simply, log into the course, select Classroom (the page that lists all of the lectures).  Click on the Classroom Content item entitled, Certificate(s) of Completion. Select the appropriate certificate link on the next page and click on Begin Content Selection.  A PDF of your course completion certificate will appear on the following page.  You can print your certificate by clicking on the print icon towards the top of the middle of the page. In order to view and print your certificate, you will need the latest version of the Adobe Reader installed on your computer.  You can download this software program for free from the Adobe website by clicking here or by visiting www.adobe.com.   However, if you need a certificate of completion for an EES course, such as, Understanding Visual Impairments and Functional Rehabilitation of Visually Impaired Patients, please contact us. The Emerald Education Support Team will manually issue you a certificate of completion and send it to your email account on file.

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